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The design team at KCW is always on the cutting edge of fashion. With extensive research in local product availability and global trends the designers are able to support our customers with fashion forward product ideas. KCW has designated R&D teams for all the companies' core products. By collaborating with the ideas put forward by our clients we are able to develop and produce exclusive designs in the most efficient and marketable manner.

Once our customers submit a design request our R&D and Management teams will designate a factory that will ensure the most cost effective and quality assured product. From knitwear in Hong Kong to Jewelry in China and Bali, KCW provides a broad R&D production base with capabilities to produce for the largest retail outlets worldwide.

KCW adopts AQL (Acceptance Quality Level) sampling plans for inspections. KCW's inspections adhere to the AQL 2.5 level. Inspections are also conducted at levels specified and agreed between our customers and suppliers.

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